The 22 Most Expensive Phones in the World in 2024!

Did you notice the most expensive phones ever created till 2024? I think you’ll be shocked by the prices on this list of mobile phones.

Do you have what will undoubtedly be the most important and widely utilized technological tool of the twenty-first century? One word describes this phenomenon: mobile phones, your always-with-you personal digital assistant. The smartphone industry advances daily, with manufacturers racing to release new models that boast ever-improved specs and luxurious extras.

To prove that we’re all wiser than ever, many of us in 2024 will be utilizing mobile devices costing $2,000 or more. The reason is that intelligent devices serve a practical purpose in addition to their flashy nature, namely, the provision of functionality that is otherwise unavailable on standard mobile devices. However, this does not imply that we will discuss affordable mobile devices in this piece.

Here is the most recent and costly smartphone on the market, so if you’re interested in finding cutting-edge high-priced cellphones, you are in the right place. Every expensive, custom-made phone made up until 2024 will be on display here, solely to advertise the owners’ opulent way of life.


Who Owns The Most Expensive Phone in The World?


Nita Ambani, the wife of Asia’s richest man and billionaire, Mukesh Ambani, is the proud owner of a FALCON SUPERNOVA IPHONE 6 PINK DIAMOND.

#Let’s see why they are so expensive


1. The Mighty Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond – $48.5 Million (Most Expensive iPhone + world’s most expensive phone)


Launched in 2016, this handset is now the most costly mobile device available anywhere in the world. The phone is owned by Nita Ambani, wife of Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India. The rear of this phone is adorned with a massive Pink Diamond, and the rim is lined with platinum, 24-carat gold, and rose gold respectively.

It is currently priced at $48.5 million at this time and this is the most expensive phones in the world!

Additionally, it contains a defense mechanism to prevent it from being hacked. On the other hand, all of its other functions, including as storage and camera, are identical to those of any other iPhone 6. It is the most costly phone in the world since it contains priceless diamonds, which are used in its construction. It’s not the best-looking phone, but it’s the most costly.


2. The Black Diamond iPhone 5 – $15.3 Million


In 2013, a Chinese billionaire gave Stuart Hughes, a craftsman based in the United Kingdom, the commission to make this phone. The Black Diamond iPhone 5 comes with an extremely high price tag of $15.3 million. This is the 2nd most expensive phones all over the world.

The production of this phone, which weighs 135 grams and is 24-carat gold, took nine weeks. There are a total of 600 white diamonds on the phone, 53 of which are present in the Apple logo.

In addition to that, the screen is made of sapphire, which makes it resistant to scratches. A magnificent black diamond weighing 26 carats can be found on the home button. Due to the rare jewels that are embedded into this phone, it is currently ranked as one of the most costly phones in the world.


3. The iPhone 4S Elite Gold – 9.4 Million


They encrusted the iPhone logo with 53 diamonds, and the two home buttons, which can be detached, are composed of 8.6 and 7.4-carat diamonds. The phone was designed by Stuart Hughes and is hand-crafted. It is encrusted with 500 diamonds that total more than 100 carats.

The back panel is constructed of gold that has a 24-carat rating. This device also has a platinum chest, an authentic piece of dinosaur bone, and various other precious stones as extra features.


4. The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose – 8 Million


Stuart Hughes created the phone, which is encrusted with 500 diamonds totaling 100 carats. Like many of the most expensive phones in the world, this iPhone has been lavishly embellished with jewels. The body is made of solid rose gold, and among its 500 diamonds is a 7.4-carat single-cut pink diamond that serves as the start button.  

The most expensive phone in the world is made from a single block of granite and houses an 8-carat pink diamond, with 53 flawless diamonds surrounding it. The rear section contains only gold, while its keypad has been crafted using rose-golden guipure leather to match that found on borders inside.

The chest which holds them both together perfectly well enough for just two units exists as such – this special handset can replace either your regular old ring or binkie if you’re not sure what’s best! 😛


5. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme – $3.2 Million



This Platinum-plated, 130-diamond bezeled handset with pink baguette stones worth 97.5 carats can cost you up to £1 million ($1:03 thousand USD). You’ll also find 4 NFC chips that are set inside two separate blocks of 18k rose gold — one for signal strength & navigation assistance (32 GB), the other serving as an Apple logo mount – which makes it Funk face unlocking capabilities allowing users access their device without needing any passwords or pins whatsoever; plus there’s a luxurious hand-finished wallet made entirely from real ostrich skin leather. 

Stuart Hughes came up with the design. One of the priciest phones available.


6. The iPhone 3G King’s Button – 2.5 Million


2009-03-03 crisis? Financial crisis? Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson designed the iPhone 3G King’s Button, the world’s most costly phone. Yours for $2.5 million.

The expensive phone is composed of 18 carats of yellow, white, and rose gold, with the white gold line adorned with 138 diamonds. The iPhone 3G King’s Button replaces the iPhone’s plastic home button with a rare 6.6-carat diamond, making it the world’s most costly mobile phone.

With reports of an improved iPhone being expected this year, those on a budget may want to wait till the iPhone 3G King’s Button hits eBay.

The iPhone 3G ‘Kings Button’ costs EUR€1,636,000 (approx. USD$2,517,345)

7. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone – $1.3 Million


Prior to this discovery, the Diamond Crypto Smartphone held the record for the most expensive mobile device ever. The phone is predominantly composed of platinum, with rose gold used for the logo and the home button.

There are fifty diamonds implanted in the phone, ten of which are rare blue gems. The tiny bit of Macassar Ebony that lines the phone’s edges is purely for looks.

The software that powers the phone has been custom-built to include a one-of-a-kind encryption mechanism to safeguard the privacy of its owner.


8. The Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot – $1 Million


For those who can afford it, there is a new phone on the market with an exorbitant price tag. The Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot costs 1 million US dollars and comes in gold or silver tones for your preference! This phone very firmly occupied its place on the list of most expensive phones! 

The Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot keypad is made of 17 manually polished and laser etched sapphires weighing 32 K. It has a whopping 45-carat black diamond covering its front, while 200-year-old African Blackwood gives back half of that weight in gold for durability, giving this high priced item an extra touch worth every penny!


9. Goldvish Le Million – $1 Million


The Le Million from renowned luxury manufacturer Goldvish is the following phone to surpass the $1 million milestone. Le Million was the most exclusive and costly phone in the world when it was first released, earning a spot in the Guinness Book of Records. Emmanuel Gueit, a jeweler and watchmaker, created the phone. You can see why it ranks among the most expensive phones in the world!

Made of 18k white gold, it features a sapphire glass showcase and 120ct of VVS-1 diamonds. In a small run, Goldvish only made three phones, so getting your hands on one will be challenging.


10. The Goldvish Revolution –  $488,150


Goldvish Revolution is the world’s most expensive phone. The phone is a Mobiado/Aura hybrid. This luxury gizmo combines a mechanical watch and a cellphone. Gold and diamonds adorn the device. This phone is quite stylish. The phone’s design and specs are ridiculous. Goldvish’s Revolution Candybar, which broke a Guinness record, is unique and unmatched.

Goldvish is a Swiss-based brand and the year 2009 is the year of its launch. It is showcased in a sapphire glass case with an 18k white and pink gold setting with 29 carats of diamonds. 

It has the following features: a 2.2-inch display, a memory card slot, a Bluetooth connection, USB compatibility, messaging capabilities, games, and a lithium battery.


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11. The Vertu Signature Cobra – $310,000

vertu signature-cobra

This phone was developed through a partnership between the upscale jewelry company Bucheron and the mobile phone manufacturer Vertu. Out of gold and valuable stones, they created the very first expensive jewelry-limited mobile phones in history. The first device on the list of the most costly and luxurious phones is the Vertu Signature Cobra, which retails for less than a million dollars. It is a standard cell phone that has been coated in gold and precious stones. The best feature is that people can purchase it in a variety of designs based on their preferences. 

Vertu’s most expensive phone to date is the Signature Cobra, made up of 439 rubies and containing 288 parts assembled in Britain. So far, only 8 have been manufactured!


12. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone – $300k


The price is $300K. Sony Ericsson is the manufacturer, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. VPN is the distributor, and Jaren Goh is the designer.

The Black Diamond VIPN smartphone from Sony Ericsson is now available through VPN’s distribution network in Asia. This phone, which has an elegant vintage look with gold and gemstone coverings over black diamond gems on its faceplate–consists of 4-megapixel camera lenses combined together inside a high-quality OLED display screen for excellent image viewing capabilities as well as an intuitive touchscreen user interface, so you don’t have to worry about any complicated functions when taking pictures or video chatting! Plus, 128 MB of Internal Memory allows plenty of space left over even after installing all your favorite games.


13. Savelli Emerald Night – $250k


250k dollars, Savelli brand name, Switzerland-based company in 2009. There are 12.5 carats of diamonds and 4.5 carats of emeralds in this piece. 3.2-inch display with Sapphire Glass, 32GB of internal storage, a 5-megapixel camera and a selfie cam; 3G Internet; Bluetooth; Wi-Fi; GPS; 18-karat gold; 3 carats of emeralds; ceramic; anthracite satin; rubber; and so on and so forth. You now realize why it’s on the list of the most expensive phones in the world!

The Savelli Emerald Night is another of the world’s most costly phones, thanks to its 18k gold components. When it comes to Savelli models, the Emerald Night is one of the most impressive in terms of design. This opulent gadget is aimed mostly at fashion-forward females who appreciate the finer things in life. Four hundred mix-and-baguette-cut emeralds go into this incredible piece of jewelry. An ultra Bombay sapphire screen is featured on the gadget. Even though it is only available in a few limited editions, this phone is a dream come true for women.


14. iPhone Princess Plus – $176,400


The elegant iPhone Princess Plus was designed by Austrian jeweler and designer Peter Aloisson. In 2008, a Russian businessman asked him to customize the phone for him.

It costs $176,400 and comes encrusted with 318 diamonds 17.75 carats in total weight, which weigh 18k gold around its rim – all surrounded by crystals! This sleek device has untouched features that make it a higher-priced model than other iPhones on sale today. And that’s how it got its place in the list of most expensive phones!


15. Caviar iPad Mini 6 Prime Gold – $158,660 


The new Apple iPhone is a technological wonder. With its Liquid Retina display and A15 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, this phone has the power to keep up in any situation! You’ll be able to make calls on 5G cellular networks as well as stream music without interruption thanks to stereo speakers that fill everything around you with rich sound quality – all while taking photos at 12MP wide angles both frontally or behind subjects directly ahead of them, so they’re sure not going anywhere unnoticed by your lens.


16. Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Max Diamond Christmas Star – $141,640


For the tech-lover who has everything, it’s a one-of-a-kind iPhone handset made from gold and featuring an intricate nativity scene with Baby Jesus in His stable.

Diamond of 9.25 mm, yellow and white gold of 750. 6.5-inch OLED display with HDR and Super Retina XDR, triple 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera with A13 Bionic processor and iOS 13 are just some of the features. The three-carat diamond that serves as the Star of Bethlehem at the heart of the Credo Christmas Star Diamond iPhone 11 Pro Max sparkles brilliantly above the mounting as if it were the brightest star in the sky. It is surrounded by eight smaller diamonds that sparkle.


17. Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Max Teradiamond – $125,860


The new Teradiamond model from Caviar is not just a phone; it’s an experience. The company embedded 1,024 diamonds into its body to match the number of gigabytes in iPhones 13 and higher (which have been released). You can enjoy this luxury item with 128 blood-colored rubies that remind us what “tera-” means–the topmost rank for rarity on Earth! Only 18 copies will be made available, so don’t miss out while supplies last!


18. Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Parade of the Planets Golden –  $105,200


Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Parade of the Planets Golden is rare. Its body contains celestial bodies. The stylized depiction of Mars features a Martian meteorite. A satellite meteorite on the Moon. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are faraway planets.

Caviar’s private order smartphone case has a tourbillon watch movement and a three-piece golden sand hourglass. This represents humanity’s desire to explore space. The shimmering sand from Earth to Mars and Venus is like the findings of astronauts and scientists studying these close-yet-distant worlds. 

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Parade of the Planets Golden is a limited edition.

According to the solar system planets, there are now only 8 pieces.


19. Dior Reverie – $105,000 


Dior Phone Touch is comprised of sapphire crystal, steel, gold, diamond, and mother-of-pearl. The item has a unibody design and superior craftsmanship. 

Specs include a 3.2” screen, 5MP camera, microSD card slot, and full networking suite. The CPU is unknown. The premium phone’s battery is only 900 mAh, but the charger will be stylish, so you won’t mind using it often. This luxury comes in a 103.1×50.3×12.8 mm, 137-gram container.

With its luxurious design and high-quality materials, the Dior Reverie is a dream come true for those who love luxury. This phone offers you more than just an expensive speaker or camera–it has apps that allow multi-touch LED screens with flat-screen technology!


20. Vertu Signature Diamond – $88,000


This phone is firmly on the list of the most expensive phones. With a price tag of $88,000, the Vertu Signature Diamond is among the most costly smartphones available. 

Despite the high price of the majority of Vertu’s phones, the 18-karat gold Vertu Signature Diamond, which debuted in 2005, is embellished with diamond edges. The phone’s display is protected by a sapphire crystal.

It does, however, have a gold sim card tray and a polished black ceramics cushion. A calculator, Bluetooth, and alarm clock are also included. It comes in a number of hues, including red, tan, and yellow.


21. Savelli Champagne Gold – $57,000


The Savelli Champagne Gold, which has a case of 18-karat rose gold and is set with 395 diamonds in white and cognac colors. It’s been called the “smartphone of the queen,” which is pretty cool. This is because women constitute the primary demographic for which this phone is intended.

William Hogarth, an English painter who lived in the 18th century, is considered to be the source of its motivation. The mobile device has an air of sophistication and elegance. The screen is composed of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, and the design is curved and sleek looking overall.


22. Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Max Satoshi Nakamoto – $57,090


The price is $57,090!  Brand  Apple, Made in the USA, and year is 2022.   Features are a black aircraft titanium body, color pixel art graphics, a coating (varnish), and more.

One-of-a-Kind, Limited edition, just one copy!

Specifications: features such as a 6.7-inch Super Retina Xtra High Dynamic Range (XDR) display with ProMotion, lightning-fast 5G cellular connectivity, an A15 Bionic chip with a new 16-core Neural Engine, a ceramic shield up front, wireless charging via MagSafe, a 12-megapixel camera on the front and back, a LiDAR scanner for nighttime portraits, and more.



Our dependence on mobile phones continues to permeate every aspect of our day. A person’s budgetary constraints may, nevertheless, have a profound impact on the mobile phone they ultimately choose. However, despite all, the various mobile phone price points are reasonable. Each day reveals newer and more extravagant levels of opulence ever. To be competitive, manufacturers are always incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their products. Discover the most expensive phones ever by reading this list.

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