Top 22 Phone Games for Couples in 2024!

A relationship is a beautiful thing. We all want to be in touch with the person we love all the time, spend some beautiful moments and create some beautiful love stories. For that purpose, I am going to tell you about the phone game. Phone games for couples can help build intimacy and strengthen bonds by providing sweet and playful date ideas. All the games on this list will be perfect for everyone in every stage of their relationship! Even you can create a pretty good impression on your special one with these games 😜 


Top Phone Games For Couples


1. Dots and Boxes

couples games to play on phone

Dots and Boxes is a clean, simple recreation of the classic pencil-and-paper game we all played when we were kids. There’s just one slight twist: players take turns drawing lines to connect adjacent dots! The first person who makes their way through every wall scores victory for themselves – but whoever has more boxes at the end wins anyway, even if they don’t complete them. 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


2. Glow Hockey 2

mobile games for couples

Are you looking for a fun game to play with your significant other? Glow Hockey 2 is the perfect way to have some quality time. It’s easy to use, and it has a fantastic soundtrack that will get you pumped up! You can choose from four different areas that each have their feelings. We love this app because it gets us away from our screens and lets us connect in person. Download this app now so you can start playing!

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


3. Crossy Road

phone games for couples online

My partner and I have been playing Crossy Road for a few weeks now, and we can’t stop! I think this is one of the best phone games for couples. It’s so addicting and is fun to play together. We don’t even know what the scores are because we keep trying to beat each other. Sometimes it gets competitive, but that’s what makes it so much more fun! If you’re looking for a game that will make you laugh and challenge your skills, then this is the one for you!

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅

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4. Words With Friends 2

couples games app

Are you looking for a way to spend time with your partner but don’t know what to do? Why not try Words With Friends 2! It is like the original version of Words With Friends, except it has more features and functionalities. You can play against each other in real-time or take turns playing one after another. There are many different versions available, including Classic, Blitz, and Ruzzle mode. “Words With Friends 2”  is a great phone games for couples because it is easy to learn and does not require much thinking or strategy. 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


5. BattleText

best mobile game

BattleText is a game of strategy, patience, and vocabulary. You’ll love it if you’re an avid scrabble fan! The rules are easy enough that even your kids can play; all they need to do for themselves: link their Facebook account with SO’s (or friends) then choose how many opponents there will be from either their network or other friends list – two people per table work best because no single person has too much power over winning the match. There should also always be one winner per round who becomes “king” at collecting prizes when boxes on opposite sides get filled up by drawing lines across walls between pairs of adjacent dotted spaces until someone manages a total victory. 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


6. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz [Game Lovers Can Play on Phone]

beautiful phone games for couples

Relationship Quiz is a fun way to stay in touch with your significant other. These are great phone games for couples, I think. Answer questions and see how well you know each other, then challenge them for an intense guessing game! The next part of the quiz can get interesting- if their answer matches yours, they’ll earn points as well, but whoever will get more points he or she will win. So you can feel your special one’s feelings through question-answer games.

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


7. Chess

Two player phone games

If you and your partner are looking for a way to challenge each other’s mental skills, then the chess app is perfect. You can play against computers or random people on the Internet without any limitations, like when playing in real life so that no one takes advantage over another who doesn’t know how it works because there’s peace between partners while they compete online, which makes this game even more engaging than before since WhatsApp has been popular among young adults these days. You can create a good impression by defeating your loved ones! If you play and practice more, she will definitely impress with your intelligence! 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


8. Ludo King (best phone games for couples nowadays)

mobile phone games for couples

Ludo King is a board game that is sure to bring hours of fun and laughter to you and your loved one. The game’s objective is for players to race across the board, collecting marbles on their way while blocking other players from advancing by using strategy. This beautifully designed game will be perfect for any family gathering or date night! You and your loved one can compete as a team with other couples. I think Ludo King is the perfect example of phone games for couples!

Ludo King does not take long to learn but has surprising depth with many strategies available for gamers who want more challenges. The rules are easy enough to be played by children as old as eight years old, yet still engaging enough to keep adults entertained. This makes Ludo King great for families of mixed ages!

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


9. Draw Something

phone games for couples offline

Hey, you are searching for the best phone games for couples? Here it is! Draw Something is a game that you can play with your partner, friends or family. It is an easy way to connect with them and have some fun! You will have to guess what they are drawing, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The drawings are usually hilarious so that you will be cracking up the whole time! 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


10. Heads Up 

great phone games for couples

Do you find it amusing to see Ellen DeGeneres make fun of her guests on her show? Now it’s your chance to treat your special ones the same way! You can play this game with your partner or whoever you wanna spend some quality and enjoyable time. Try to describe the word on the screen without actually speaking it. Do whatever it needs; imitate, play it out, and infer as precisely as possible until they receive the message. Cover a wide range of themes, store your most amusing findings for posterity, and share them with the rest of the world. It’s pocket-sized, laugh-out-loud entertainment for the entire family. It’s absolutely free and great phone games for couples! 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


11. Tic Tac Toe

android games for couples

It’s the classic of tic tac toe. The one that you can’t get enough of in your childhood. You are not wrong about that feeling; this game is the one worth playing if you want to spend time with your special someone and have fun at the same time! Tic tac toe is a simple, easy to play but hard to master kind of puzzle game where two players (you and your boyfriend/girlfriend) race against each other. 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


12. Hangman 

multiplayer mobile games for couples

Now I am gonna introduce you to one of the best phone games for couples. Hangman is a game that many of us played in our childhood, but there was a time when it wasn’t nearly as easy to play on your phone. With this new version of the classic game, you can enjoy playing with all the letters and making up fun words! This is a great way to spend quality time together in an amusing and challenging way. 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


13. Table Tennis Touch

amazing phone games for couples

This game is for you if you’re seeking an enjoyable way to spend time together in the same room. Table Tennis Touch works with Bluetooth so that players can compete against each other on their phones! Though nothing beats playing games face-to-face, it’s still more fun to get competitive when your partner isn’t looking over your shoulder judging every move you make. So I couldn’t exclude this game from the list of my best phone games for couples.

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


14. Pubg (recommended games for couples on phone)

top mobile games

PUBG is the most intense and exciting game around right now! If you’re looking for an action-packed thrill ride, this is the game for you. It allows up to 100 players to compete in a battle royale deathmatch and takes place on the fictional island of Erangel. With three different modes to choose from – solo mode, duo mode, and squad mode – there’s something for everyone. You can enter into tournaments and win money by defeating your opponents. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start PUBGing!

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅

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15. Among Us

phone games for couples

Among Us is an online multiplayer game where players have to prepare their spaceship for departure. The game is full of fun when you play it with your friends and your loved ones. But among all the people playing, there will be a killer who murders other player’s characters, he is called “The Imposter.” To win at Among us, one must communicate well with others so they can work together to find him/her before time runs thin! It does not provide any voice chat options but having background conversations over the phone works well as getting more involved in the conversation without taking away attention from the gameplay itself. So I also couldn’t exclude this game from the list of my best phone games for couples.

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


16. Song Pop 2

games for couples to play

If you’re a couple, chances are you’ve both had a go at singing karaoke. One of the best ways to have fun with your partner is by playing Song Pop 2 – an app where players can sing along to their favourite songs and earn points for accuracy! With over 26 million downloads across the globe, it’s one of the most popular fun phone games out there right now. You’ll be able to share your scores on Facebook or Twitter too – perfect if you want some friendly competition between friends! 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


17. Chain Reaction 

top mobile games

A two- to eight-player strategic game. Chain Reaction’s goal is to seize control of the board by destroying your opponents’ orbs. The players take turns placing their orbs in cells. When a cell reaches critical mass, orbs erupt into the surrounding cells, adding one extra ball to the cell and claiming it for the player. A player’s balls can only be placed in a blank cell or with their colour orbs. If a player loses all of their spheres, they are eliminated. The game has two modes: HD for more extensive (Pad) displays and standard for other devices. The colour and sound of each player’s orbs may be customized. Tactile feedback (vibration) may also be turned on and off by the player.

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


18. The Sims Mobile 

phone games 2022

The Sims Mobile is a new mobile game that EA and Maxis have released. It’s a fun way to bring The Sims experience with you wherever you go! You can create your perfect Sim, design their house, explore the town of Willow Creek, hang out in various destinations and meet all kinds of interesting people. Playing online with your loved ones can be a great way to spend time together and get closer! There’s so much to do in this game-you may never want to put it down! So I put this game on my list of the best couple games app.

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


19. Mini Militia (fun phone games for couples)

best games

Are you really looking for the best games for couples to play? Mini militia is for you there always! Because playing games with loved ones is always entertaining, but who has time for lengthy strategy games? Mini Militia is the perfect game to fire up when you’re looking for something quick and easy. You can blast through levels in just a few minutes of intense combat, or if you want some more variety, then try out the survival mode. 

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


20. Virtual families 3 

online free games

Virtual families 3 is a new interactive game for all couples. It will test your relationship skills and help you learn about what each other likes in the bedroom. The more intimate details you share, the closer to winning this game! 

Virtual families 3 is an exciting way to spend some quality time with your partner and show them how much you cherish them. Trust me, there’s no better feeling than having someone who knows everything about you and still loves every inch of it. So I keep this game on my fav list.

Available on:    iOS  ✅     Android  ✅


21. Pixel Gun 3D 

phone games to play with wife

Pixel Gun 3D is the perfect game for friends and family to duel against each other in an exciting, colourful world! With 50 unique maps and 800 kinds of guns to choose from, Pixel Gun 3D offers endless hours of fun and excitement for everyone!

Available on:    iOS  ✅    Android  ✅


22. Dual (Android phone games for couples)

game lovers can play on phone

The last game on my list is Dual. It’s a fun local Android multiplayer game for couples where you will be shooting bullets from one screen to another in real-time. You can tilt your phone or lower it, dodging the incoming fire by leaning left and right as needed! Another mode includes deflecting with this ball which has been another addition that was recently added into our playlist of methods available on Dual – definitely worth checking out if only two people want to play simultaneously at any given time (but don’t forget about playing defence!).

Couples who enjoy games like plenty should give dual try—you won’t regret giving such an innovative shot. 

Available on:    iOS  ❌    Android  ✅


Why all of these are good phone games for couples?

All these are definitely good games. If you and your loved ones devote your time to the game, you will get to know each other better, will be able to think better of each other, have the opportunity to get closer and this will develop a good relationship. Which will make your life more beautiful.



I have listed all the phone games for couples that will help you build a strong bond with your loved ones. Please give them a try and let me know how you like them. Comment below the article. Give feedback to me and I promise I will surely come up with more amazing games for you guys!


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