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It’s a well-known fact that the Yamaha Raptor 4-wheeler is one of Earth’s most famous ATVs, but what many people don’t know about this fantastic vehicle are its top speeds. Some say it can reach up to 75 mph on off-road tires, while others claim they’ve heard from friends who rode with someone whose bike reached 90! Here you will know not only about raptor 700 top speed but also other versions’ specs!

Yamaha has been a leader in the sport ATV market for almost 15 years. The Raptor 700 is one of only two models they produce. However, it remains ahead thanks to its advancements and innovations made over time by Yamaha engineers who want nothing more than to ensure themselves as top dog when other companies decide this is their moment again! Let’s take you back…

Besides raptor 700 top speed, we need to keep all the ideas about it. The first ever all-terrain vehicle (ATV) was created during World War II when Jeep brokers asked military jeeps to be converted into vehicles suitable for civilian use; because there were not enough trucks available at home bases due to battlefield destruction or supply problems caused primarily out increased demand among soldiers since becoming engaged within Western Theater Strategic Europe & Africa). These “light utility vehicles” were perfect for farmers, loggers, and others who needed a vehicle to travel over rough terrain but didn’t necessarily require the total size of a truck. The first ATV was born, and while it wasn’t until the late 60s that they became popular in North America thanks to Honda, it quickly became a staple for those looking to explore the outdoors differently.

Yamaha got their start in the ATV market when it released the 3-wheeled Tri-Moto 125 in 1980, which the larger 200cc model quickly followed; however, it wasn’t until 1988 that it released its first 4-wheeled ATV known as the Blaster 200. The machine featured a single cylinder 2-stroke engine and was an instant success. It wasn’t until 1991 that Yamaha entered the utility ATV market with the Wolverine 350 – again, it was an instant success. It allowed Yamaha to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers of utility ATVs.

In 1998, Yamaha made a move that would change the ATV market forever when they released the first-ever Sport Utility ATV (SUATV) – the Yamaha Raptor 660. The machine was powered by a 535cc 4-stroke engine and featured a longer wheelbase than any other ATV on the market, making it more stable and comfortable to ride. The machine quickly became popular among riders who wanted an ATV that could be used for both recreation and utility purposes.

In 2003, Yamaha released an updated version of the Raptor 660 known as the Raptor 700R. The main difference between the two models was that the 700R featured an all-new 686cc engine, making it more potent than its predecessor. The machine quickly became the flagship model in Yamaha’s ATV lineup and remains one of the most popular ATVs today.

Over the years, Yamaha has continued to release updated versions of the Raptor 700 with different features and upgrades. Raptor 700 has served so well that people are very curious to know raptor 700 top speed; however, the machine remains essentially unchanged from its original design. The Raptor 700 is still powered by a 686cc engine and features an extended wheelbase which makes it stable and comfortable to ride. Yamaha has also released several unique edition models of the Raptor 700 over the years, which feature different color schemes and graphics kits.


Yamaha Raptors 700 features


The Raptor 700 is equipped with a double counterbalance, a thick and comfy seat that provides exceptional comfort to all users, and an electronic start and return to keep everything tidy and very useful when necessary. Its features help to take raptor 700 top speed!


Advanced Suspension 700 Raptor

People are very curious about Raptor 700 top speed. I say, features like advanced suspension help in its popularity. During the first few seconds of takeoff, the Yamaha raptor 700’s YFZ-inspired handling is incredible to experience. They feature 9.1 inches of front and 10.1 inches of rear travel, ensuring an incredibly smooth ride while the driver maintains control. ATV enthusiasts are astounded by its excellence due to a trifecta of a potent engine, calm handling, and excellent suspension.


Smooth Engine Sound of the Raptor 700


The Raptor 700 features a very smooth sound, lightweight piston forged connecting rods with a 686cc engine size that is very light and strong, and smooth engine performance that can maintain 9000 rpm power.


Modern Fuel Injection Technology

Fuel Injection is a feature of the Yamaha Raptor 700 that enables it to deliver dependable and exceptional engine performance in various terrain situations, including altitude and climate temperature.


Mith Digital Ignition on Raptor 700

Yamaha Raptor 700 TCI digital has a 32-bit electronic control unit to govern fuel injection with an excellent ignition system and is perfect for reliable performance and fantastic throttle response.


The Raptor 700’s transmission is strong

Reverse gear on a five-speed transmission. Even at high speeds, smooth, obstacle-free shifting is guaranteed by the YZ standard ratchet shifter.


The Raptor 700’s serviceability

The Yamaha Raptor 700’s easy-to-reach oil and air filters, which can be accessed without additional tools, are a relief for fans of the vehicle. People are curious about Raptor 700 top speed, this is the last feature that helps its popularity!  


Type4 stroke, 686cc, liquid-cooled, with fan, SOHC
Fuel Delivery45mm Yamaha fuel injection
Bore x Stroke102.0mm x 84mm
Drive TrainO-ring sealed chain, eccentric adjustment, and 2WD
TransmissionWet multiplate clutch; five-speed with a single-speed reverse.
Ignition SystemECU 32 bit
Compression Ratio10.0:1
Starting SystemElectric Starter


L x W x H72.6 x 46.5 x 43.9 inches
Seat Height32.7 inches
Wheelbase50.4 inches
Ground Clearance 4.4 inches
Fuel Capacity2.9 Gallons US
Wet Weight422 Pounds


Suspension (Front)Independent double wishbone with 9.1-in travel, high- and low-speed piggyback compression, rebound, and threaded preload adjustment
Suspension (Rear)10.1-in travel, cast aluminum swing arm with rebound, high-lo compression, and threaded preload adjustment
Front TiresRadial Maxxis AT22 x 7-10
Rear TiresRadial Maxxis AT20 x 10-9
Front Breaksdual pistons, two ventilated hydraulic discs
Rear BreaksHydraulic discs with ventilation, automatic park brake adjustment


Raptor 700 vs Raptor 700R vs Raptor 700R SE: Is There a Difference in Top speed Among These Models?


Here’s a question that comes up rather frequently: is there really a difference between the 700, the 700R, and the SE? The truth is that the only things that set them apart from one another are:

  • A few clutch adjustments.
  • Some tweaks to the bodywork.
  • A few different suspension components.

Because the engines in these three versions are all identical, there is no difference in their maximum velocities.


How fast can a raptor 700 go? (Raptor 4-wheeler)


The Yamaha 700 Raptor is one of the most popular bikes in its class, but some people wonder if it’s enough to get you where you need it. The short answer? It depends on your riding conditions and how fast other riders are going! For example, 74 mph has been reported by users when there were no storms or rain; however, 75+ mph can only happen with ideal road surfaces. So you can assume Raptor 700 top speed is 75 MPH (avg).


How Much Horsepower Does A Raptor 700 Have?

Yamaha’s second-generation Raptor 700R is powered by a 686cc single-cylinder four-valve electronically fuel-injected engine. This engine has 47 hp. Compared to 1000cc 4WD ATVs that produce 91 horsepower that might not seem like much. Raptors’ gearing and driving are unique. Its 5-speed manual gearbox lets riders easily transfer gears and climb the power band.

The larger Can-Am Renegade 1000 is heavier. The Can-Am weighs 850 pounds dry, double the Raptor 700’s wet weight. This light, clutch-driven ATV has a decent power-to-weight ratio and can keep up with higher-powered motors. 


How Much Torque Does A Raptor 700 Have?

The low- Ninth power of the Raptor 700 quad makes it easier to ride through rough sections like whoops. With its short wheelbase and lot’s torque, this bike is perfect for those looking climb hills with little effort!


Yamaha Raptor 700 Top Speed


On a straight line, the Yamaha Raptor 700 top speed can reach 75 MPH. Several factors influence this, including the type of tires you’re using, the gas you’re using, your weight, and the surface quality of the road.

Also, if a Raptor has a speed/rev limiter, it will restrict its top speed. A feature discovered on some Raptors limits the vehicle’s speed, and there are several ways to find out if yours does too. Checking the manual is a given for the first one. The second vehicle does nothing except accelerate to redline without shifting at all. If your quads start “bouncing” the revs, you may have a rev limiter. Remove this device if you want the best performance out of your computer.

The tires being mounted on the Raptor are another element that could impact its top speed. The condition of the tires should be checked if you want to drive your Raptor as fast as possible because they are among the most overlooked aspects relevant to quads velocity. The thread in your sport ATV tires should not be worn out or flat, as this is what you should be doing. Take a quarter and place it in the grooves to determine whether you need to replace your tires. A few centimeters of tread is the perfect amount, but if it’s nearly flat, it’s time to replace your tires. When should you change the tires on your ATV?


Top Speed of Yamaha Raptor 350

Yamaha struggles to find a middle ground between its popular Raptor models. The 350 ATV is intended for people who want more power from an engine without having too big of one that takes up space or requires electricity as the larger 700cc engines do, but it also has a smaller 3 Bedford robust cylinder design, which gives this vehicle better top speed capabilities than other bikes in their lineup such as 55MPH on flat terrain versus 58 MPH (though again depending upon tires) and this one obviously can’t cross Raptor 700 top speed!


Top Speed of Yamaha Raptor 250

Yamaha’s Raptor 250 was a popular model for years until people switched over and bought other models. The small engine made it less exciting, which led Yamaha not to produce this bike any longer because they felt like there wasn’t enough demand anymore despite how well received the first few versions were by consumers worldwide!

The 250’s straight-line speed was measured at 51 miles per hour due to the bike’s 250cc engine. Because of the Raptor 250’s large displacement, it takes a long time to reach that speed. As you can see, this one also can’t cross Raptor 700 top speed!


Top Speed of Yamaha Raptor 660

As the names imply, the Yamaha Raptor 660 has a powerful 660cc engine that motorcycle lover’s laud. Although this ATV is known for its ability to be easily modified, its greatest speed is just about 70-71 mph in a straight line when it is stock. Additionally, this model can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 5.2 seconds.

The Raptor is no longer in production, as you are well informed. As of 2005, the Raptor 700 was Yamaha’s replacement for this model. However, this model remains popular due to its consistent performance and easily adjustable engine. Even this model can’t cross Raptor 700 top speed!


Top Speed of Yamaha Raptor 90

Yamaha’s kid’s bike is the perfect way to get started with two wheels and a motor. This 90cc model will reach speeds of up to 30 MPH in just one mile! But don’t expect this little guy do all your driving for you; without any modifications or speeding up of his own accord, he can only manage a 19MPH top speed limit- which may be too slow. 


How to make a raptor 700 go faster 


Utilize Performance Tires


If you want to reach Raptor 700 top speed, you have to be careful about tires. The tires are one of the most necessary elements impacting an ATV’s performance and top speed. It is essential to utilize a good pair of rubber so that your ATV performs at its best because, aside from the engine, I would regard this to be the most crucial part of a sport ATV. ITP tires are my preferred brand because they are relatively reasonable, and I suggest you purchase from this company if you have a limited budget.


Consider installing a high-flow air filter

The engine of your Raptor is like a live, breathing organism. The intake air filter takes the air into the engine. Adding additional air increases the amount of fuel-air mixing that occurs in the cylinders, resulting in greater combustion and increased power.

For less than $50, you can get reusable performance filters that let more air in. A fully enclosed cool air intake system is also available from some manufacturers, which is a little more costly but it will help you to get raptor 700 top speed.




The installation of a performance exhaust is one of my favorite methods for accelerating an ATV. As a result, your vehicle will move more quickly. It will also sweeten the sound of your ATV significantly compared to the factory exhaust. The main drawback is the high price of most good performance exhausts. But if you want to sprint up your quad, I think it’s worth it, so think about it.


Fuel Controller 

The gasses are efficiently burned by a fuel controller, which optimizes the optimum air-to-fuel ratios to maximize combustion.

Most are plug-and-play and have been pre-configured for your machine by the manufacturer. In order to complement the additions you have made, they can be fully customized. It comes pre-programmed with tried-and-true settings, but the end user can simply tweak them to suit their unique needs.


Use Octane Booster 

Utilizing an octane booster is another excellent, simple, cost-effective option to accelerate your ATV. I use these to speed up my Raptor for a brief drag race with my friends. This fuel addition will increase the energy that the gas offers. For those on a tight budget, I suggest using this method because it’s probably the most accessible and most affordable way to make your ATV quicker.

Finally, if you have any extra weight on the ATV, such as cargo or passengers, remove it. The lighter the raptor 700 is, the faster it will be able to go. By making these simple modifications, it will help you to get raptor 700 top speed!


What are the benefits of having a raptor 700 with a high top speed? 

The raptor 700 is one of the most popular off-road vehicles on the market, and it’s easy to see why. With its high-top speed, the raptor 700 is perfect for those who love exploring. Whether cruising through the dunes or taking on a challenging trail, the raptor 700 can handle it all. And with its comfortable seating and spacious cabin, the raptor 700 is also perfect for long trips. So if you’re peeking for an off-road vehicle that can bring you places, the raptor 700 is an ideal choice. Get the feel of pure games


Can you ride a raptor at top speed safely?


The raptor 700 is one of the fastest and most agile dirt bikes on the market, and riders who know how to handle it can enjoy a thrilling ride. But is it safe to ride a raptor at top speed?

The answer relies on several factors, including the rider’s experience level, the terrain, and the bike’s condition. A skilled rider who knows how to handle the raptor 700’s power can safely ride at top speed in good conditions. He can easily touch Raptor 700 top speed. However, novice riders or those riding on rough terrain should exercise caution and ride at a slower speed. Additionally, the raptor 700’s brakes must be in good condition to stop safely at high speeds.

So, can you ride a raptor at top speed safely? It relies on your skill level and the conditions. But as long as you exercise caution and make sure your bike is in good condition. You can enjoy an exhilarating ride on this powerful machine.



I hope you get your answer. I tried my best to get you about Raptor 700 top speed, its specs, and other models. Stay Happy!!  


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